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SERGE - Haitian Food ( @JustSerge_ )


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10 More Reasons I Love My Local Church

1. They really do bust the “frozen chosen” myth. In fact, I would say that they could teach a thing or two to our non-reformed friends on the subject of missions; local and foreign. 

2. Prisons: They’re there a LOT. Our church is heavily involved in the prison system, where some of the most broken, and even oppressed, Americans live. 

3. It’s one of the most organically missional churches I’ve ever seen. From prison ministry, to halfway houses, to ecumenical bible studies, my church is doing a lot of good things in in the city where it lives. The funny thing is, very few, if any, of these projects are official church projects. They’re primarily founded and funded by the members of the local church who have been built up to do the good works that they’re doing. Eph 4:11-12 anyone?

4. My pastor is one of the most encouraging people I’ve ever met. I know, this one is more personal, but for someone like me who is CONSTANTLY awash in self-doubt, it’s a big deal. 

5. There’s a lot of money in my church, and yet, I never once felt like I was around elitists. I’ve felt that before - the frigid winds of “I’m better than you” being blown about from every corner of the sanctuary. It doesn’t exist at my church.

6. There’s a lot of money in my church, and yet, there’s no gutter tourism. Most of the organic mission(y) stuff that I was talking to you about earlier in point number three, yeah, most of that stuff is being handled by people with deep pockets, and it’s with great joy that I can tell you that it is done with a sincere heart. Far too often those with the dough are only visiting the poor and broken to make themselves feel better and put another notch in their poverty tourism walking stick. Not so at DPCA.

7. Wisdom. I feel like the leadership of my church is wise. Very wise. Let me give you an example: Instead of supporting a bunch of missionaries with a little bit of money every month, they focus in on just a handful, and they supply those missionaries with 10% of their projected budged. Now, you don’t have to agree with this to see that they are obviously wise, deep thinking people who don’t automatically accept the current way of doing things. They are discerning. Not just between good and evil, but also between what is acceptable and what is best practice depending on individual circumstance.

8. They don’t play. Real talk. The church don’t play no games when it comes to Christ, His glory, or His bride. The bible is something to be believed, understood, obeyed, and used as a tool to serve the One who wrote it. Anything less ain’t gonna fly. I know a lot of churches would say “Yeah, us too!” to a statement like that, but I’m afraid that, far too often, that’s nothing more than evangelical lip-service. 

9. It’s ecumenical. Very ecumenical. I’m actually baptist (very, very baptist, truth be told), and yet, they have accepted me into their church membership and supported our work as missionaries. That makes me happy, especially considering the fact that I often feel WAY more at home with my PCA buddies than I ever do with *insert any random SBC church here*. But on top of that, there are interdenominational partnerships that have been established that really do go a long way in promoting unity.

10. Because they love me. Let’s keep it real, folks. It’s easy to love people who love you, and my family and I have felt non-stop love from these folks for the last 2+ years. I love them so much because they love us. 

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It’s not often that I’m impressed by a music video these days, much less blown away. Well, this video blew me away. Strong work, ma’am.


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El Carbonero

El Carbonero

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